When you are no longer able to manage your debt and creditors are calling you at all hours about repayment, you may consider the benefits of bankruptcy. This is a process by which you can deal with certain types of debt once and for all, but you may be unsure about moving forward with such an important step. Filing for bankruptcy is a major decision, and it is beneficial to have all necessary information before moving forward. 

Filing for bankruptcy may not be your first choice. You probably never imagined you would be in a financial situation that has left you with no other ways to effectively manage your past-due balances and catch up. However, you may feel different about the bankruptcy process after you get the answers you need and understand how this choice can be beneficial for your individual situation.

The information you need

It’s normal to have many questions about bankruptcy. You probably do not understand the specifics about how this process works, and knowing what to expect can give you confidence and peace of mind as you move forward. You may benefit from the information and answers to the following questions: 

  • Which chapter of bankruptcy allows me to keep more of my stuff? Chapter 13 bankruptcy typically allows the debtor to keep most of his or her assets, but there are also property exemptions available in a Chapter 7 filing.
  • Which is the right chapter for my situation? The right chapter of consumer bankruptcy for you depends on the types of debt you owe, your income and other factors. If you are not eligible for Chapter 7, you can choose to file for Chapter 13.
  • Will bankruptcy get rid of all my debts? There are some types of debt that are not eligible for discharge through bankruptcy. For example, this process will not help you with unpaid alimony and back taxes. 

One of the most practical ways for you to get the answers and information you need is to seek a complete evaluation of your case with an experienced California bankruptcy attorney. An evaluation of your individual case can help you understand more about the specific chapter of bankruptcy that is right for you and how to move forward. 

You do not have to struggle with your debt burden alone. Through bankruptcy you can deal with specific debts and achieve a better and more stable financial future. It is in your interests to get the information you need to make the best decisions for your long-term interests.