You have heard the voices of others as well as the voices inside your head. Debating, debating. You remember the lectures as well as the unsolicited advice from well-intended, but misguided friends and relatives. You are torn as to what to do, but, deep down, you know that bankruptcy is the route you must take. The debt has a near stranglehold on your life.

Bankruptcy is not a move of desperation. It is a move based on reality, and one that can lead you toward a better financial path. Even with a fiscally responsible background, you can find yourself in financial trouble. All it takes is an abrupt life circumstance leading to extreme medical debt. A 2019 study from researchers disclosed that two-thirds of personal bankruptcies stemmed from medical-related issues.

Focus on recovery and you will be fine

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, please ignore any pangs of embarrassment as well as the judgmental comments from people. Bankruptcy is the solution to getting you back on your financial feet. And taking charge of your financial situation now will prove beneficial for your future.

Along the way, you may find some sympathetic friends who also have gone through bankruptcy. Gaining insight from them can be helpful. Granted, you will face challenges when it comes to obtaining credit or trying to get a decent interest rate on a loan. But be patient. Focus on a recovery plan, while making certain changes to your lifestyle.

Remember, you can recover. You can regain a respectable credit score. It just takes time, discipline, some sacrifice and a positive attitude that regaining your financial footing is possible. There is no shame in looking to the future, especially when it is bright.